Whitening Strips - BrandHouse Dental
Whitening Strips - BrandHouse Dental
Whitening Strips - BrandHouse Dental

Whitening Strips

Provide your patients with your own branded professional, non-slip, enamel-safe, zero sensitivity strips, remove years of stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking, and more — giving your patients a brighter, more confident smile, in only 30 minutes per day!

Each box of whitening strips includes (14) individually packaged upper and lower whitening strip treatments.  Remove stains extra strength teeth whitening strips containing enamel-safe 6% hydrogen peroxide formula with natural stain removing oils, allowing your patients to whiten while enjoying a delicious flavor from mint oil, included in each strip. 

Sell your own whitening strips for $30 per box in your office or give them away to your patients...or both!  

Includes: (14) Individually packaged whitening treatment strips - (28) Total Whitening Strips - (14) Upper teeth strips, (14) Lower teeth strips

Each Includes:

(1) 2mL Custom Branded Teeth Whitening Pens
(1) Custom Printed Paper Box

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What's Included

Whitening Strips - BrandHouse Dental

Custom Printed Packaging

Whitening Strips - BrandHouse Dental

(14) Individually Packaged Whitening Strip Treatments

Professionally Custom Branded Packaging

Give away, share, or sell your own Whitening Strips to your patients to increase your marketing while adding an additional revenue stream to your business.

Full color printing

Our Whitening Strips are printed in full color on every part of the box at no additional cost.

Free designs and proofs

We include design services and online proofs free of charge with every order

Proven 3x ROI

Our clients typically sell their Whitening Strips for 3x their cost.


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