Whitening & Cleaning Foam - BrandHouse Dental
Whitening & Cleaning Foam - BrandHouse Dental

Whitening & Cleaning Foam

Our easy to use custom branded teeth whitening and aligner foam allows your patients to clean their funky aligners in their retainer case.  The foam solution includes a light mint flavor and 3.75% Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning aligners.


Each Includes:

(1) Custom Branded Pump Foam Bottle
(1) Custom Printed Paper Box

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What's Included

Custom Branded Foam Bottle Label

Custom Printed Paper Box

Revenue and Marketing

Give away, share, or sell your own Whitening & Cleaning Foam to your patients to increase your marketing while adding an additional revenue stream to your business.

Full color printing

Our Whitening & Cleaning Foam are printed in full color on every part of the box at no additional cost.

Free designs and proofs

We include design services and online proofs free of charge with every order

Proven 3x ROI

Our clients typically sell their Whitening & Cleaning Foam for 3x their cost.